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C.I.A. (Christians In Action) Youth Group

Oh the places we've gone!

(Photo slideshow)

Shannondale 2011 136.JPG
Shannondale Photos (Ragsdale) 183.JPG
Shannondale Photos (Ragsdale) 165.JPG
Shannondale Photos (Ragsdale) 150.JPG
Shannondale Photos (Ragsdale) 145.JPG
Shannondale Photos (Ragsdale) 135.JPG
Shannondale Photos (Ragsdale) 119.JPG
Shannondale Photos (Ragsdale) 110.JPG
Shannondale Photos (Ragsdale) 078.JPG
Shannondale 2011 157.JPG
Shannondale 2011 112.JPG
Shannondale 2011 081.JPG
Shannondale 2011 076.JPG
Shannondale 2011 073.JPG
Shannondale 2011 052.JPG
Shannondale 2011 012.JPG
Shannondale 2011 007.JPG
Kindercottage trip 7-9-10 014.jpg
Kindercottage trip 7-9-10 010.jpg
2013-01-03 11.18.22.jpg
2013-01-03 11.10.54.jpg
2013-01-03 10.28.20.jpg
The Darkness 2013 2.jpg
Six Flags 2013.jpg

Fall 2016 Youth Schedule


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Youth Group


Our Youth Group is open to all 5th-12th graders!  During the traditional school year, we meet on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month following Sunday worship.  

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