"Some" people...

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So I've heard it said..."Some people aren't loyal to you...they are loyal to their need of you...once their needs change...so does their loyalty." Story of MY life for sure!! It's very easy for us to say, "Some" people and completely exclude ourselves from that label...but in our humanness...I'm sorry to say that many can become "Some" people without even realizing it! Take a moment to do some introspection into your lives and see if you are, or have been, one of those "Some" people that this saying pertains to. Also ponder this...Jesus isn't one of those people! He is one of the people that "Some" people aren't necessesarily loyal to...unless it meets their needs...and then they move on from him. But our amazing God allows for "Some" people to always receive His grace, unconditional love and acceptance...no questions asked! What a precious gift to each of us!

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